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iCapisce is a pre-reading, group-learning and content-revision platform for the terms, phrases, formulas, equations, shapes, patterns and relationships that define any subject.

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iCapisce will

Significantly reduce the time to learn any subject.

Build confidence as students engage in higher-order learning activities.

Build strong storage memory and fast, reliable retrieval memory for use in education and every aspect of life.

At A Glance

"Your topic content - our flexible learning platform"

iCapisce follows the time honoured learn-practice-play-rest-test pedagogy plus 120 years of best-practice, education research.

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Create topics for any subject, for any age and for any level of aptitude.
Share topics publicly, privately, securely with classes, study groups or individuals.
Learn topics using sight, sound and touch to engage more of the brain and build stronger storage memory.
Practice topics with increasing levels of difficulty to build faster retrieval memory.
Play different games and make sense of random events under time pressure.
Test performance using measures of intentional or random matches over time.
Celebrate personal bests and personal improvement.
Report on individual and class progress.

What is iCapisce?

iCapisce is a pre-reading, group-learning and content-revision platform for the terms, phrases, formulas, equations, shapes, patterns and relationships that define any subject.

iCapisce builds strong storage memory and fast retrieval memory through repetitive use of topics in a learn - practice - play - test education platform.

iCapisce can be used by schools, colleges, universities, corporates, professionals, clubs and even the elderly to teach, train and refresh memory in a fast, fun, secure learning community.


iCapisce Licensing

Free License $0 / user Full License $2 / user / year *
Create Topics cross Public and Private topics
Share Topics Securely cross Public and Private topics
Learn Topics Public topics only Public and Private topics
Practice Topics Public topics only Public and Private topics
Play Topics Public topics only Public and Private topics
Test Topics Public topics only Public and Private topics
Celebrate cross Public and Private topics
Report cross by topic, person, class, state, organisation, system et.al.
Integrated white-label solutions Custom consulting charges apply
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iCapisce was born out of personal experience.

The Directors of iCapisce and The iCapisce Foundation have multiple degrees, masters, diplomas and the odd Cert IV or two. Our studies span Architecture, Commerce, Change Management, Economics, Human Behaviour, Media, Law, Project Management, Science and even Theology.

All of us have children and some of us have grandchildren navigating an education system that seems to be falling behind world standards.

From our own experience we know that class time could be made so much more effective if there was a way to learn the language of the course before the teacher started using it. Many times, particularly early in a subject, we've been thrown off by terms and concepts that go straight over our head. We have no concept or picture of what that term might be and so we miss the best parts of the lesson.

So, we set about to fix that by creating iCapisce. We intentionally set out to create an animated, multi-modal, glossary of terms. And it worked. However, a learning platform emerged from our product testing for terms, phrases, formulas, equations, shapes, patterns, sequences and even stories.

Furthermore, during customer testing, we found that teachers were not only using it for pre-reading but also class reading, class activity, group discovery learning and pre-exam revision.

We had no idea it would go that far!

Our customers have inspired fresh thinking and new ideas. We welcome even more ideas to make learning quality information more effective.

iCapisce can be used anywhere specific information has to be recalled, accurately. We now make iCapisce available to everyone who wants to share in making education easier and more accessible to everyone on the planet.

In 2018 the charges are:

  • Authors - $0
  • Avid learners - $0 - with rights to purchase premium topics
  • Students - $2 / year
  • Teachers - $2 / year
  • Parents, Principals, Professors, Coaches etc $2 / year

In 2020 the charges will increase to $2 / person / month with 2 free summer months every year.

Older students and parents of younger students may purchase additional topics from the Topic Exchange to supplement their course curriculum. There are no uncontrolled in-app purchases.

Getting started is easy.

  1. Feel free to "Try" (above) with the sample topics and experiment with the various practice modules.
  2. Or "Register" and start creating your own topics. (hyperlink?)

iCapisce has a strong Privacy Policy and observes the key directives of the Australian Information Commissioner and the various US COPPA and Privacy Pledge obligations.

iCapisce stores minimal personal information. The information that is stored [first, last, email, organisation, class, subject] is only visible to existing teachers, tutors and school administrators who already have permission and a professional duty of care.

Please note that no online service is 100% secure. Industry-wide security exploits are exposed every few months and we respond accordingly. Our servers are maintained in a secure data-centre with regular patches being applied to each layer of the software stack as they become available.

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iCapisce is perfect for primary, secondary, tertiary, post-graduate, professional, corporate, seniors and community education programs. If you would like to be part of the controlled-release program we’d love to hear from you!