About iCapisce

iCapisce was born out of personal experience.

The Directors of iCapisce and The iCapisce Foundation have multiple degrees, masters, diplomas and the odd Cert IV or two. Our studies span Architecture, Commerce, Change Management, Economics, Human Behaviour, Media, Law, Project Management, Science and even Theology.

All of us have children and some of us have grandchildren navigating an education system that seems to be falling behind world standards.

From our own experience we know that class time could be made so much more effective if there was a way to learn the language of the course before the teacher started using it. Many times, particularly early in a subject, we've been thrown off by terms and concepts that go straight over our head. We have no concept or picture of what that term might be and so we miss the best parts of the lesson.

So, we set about to fix that by creating iCapisce. We intentionally set out to create an animated, multi-modal, glossary of terms. And it worked. However, a learning platform emerged from our product testing for terms, phrases, formulas, equations, shapes, patterns, sequences and even stories.

Furthermore, during customer testing, we found that teachers were not only using it for pre-reading but also class reading, class activity, group discovery learning and pre-exam revision.

We had no idea it would go that far!

Our customers have inspired fresh thinking and new ideas. We welcome even more ideas and fresh thinking.

iCapisce can be used anywhere specific information has to be recalled, accurately. We now make iCapisce available to everyone who wants to share in making education easier and more accessible to everyone on the planet.

Harvey Rough


Company iCapisce Pty Ltd - a proprietary limited Australian company.

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