The iCapisce Foundation

The iCapisce Foundation was established in 2014 with one clear aim. The Directors agreed from the outset not to duplicate services, supply lines and overheads already in place with so many other initiatives both domestically and internationally. Rather, we set out to make those services more effective by supplying education systems and services to them to help them, help more people, more effectively.


Indigenous Language Preservation

Doug Robertson is working alongside the elders of the eight major language centres in W.A. to record:

  • 500 commonly used aboriginal words in 50 terminology topics
  • 500 commonly used aboriginal phrases in 50 phraseology topics

We welcome your input on expanding this important initiative into other regions.


This project supports a strong push by Aboriginal groups to preserve languages as a means of restoring culture and building esteem in the reconciliation era. More than 200 languages have been lost since Federation and the remaining 100 are critical to restoring cultural identity and addressing underlying social concerns.

This project will preserve eight Aboriginal languages in W.A. in a form that facilitates teaching current and successive generations. A second but important goal, is to make "language" easily accessible to both Aboriginal and non Aboriginal students, community service providers and local businesses.

This initiative affects 76,000 Aboriginal people in Western Australia and 787,000 Australia wide.

Australia has a growing lexicon of Indigenous words that are benign to the learning process. iCapisce offers a mechanism to learn those words, and the phrases they form, in short bite-size, repeatable topics. iCapisce uses multi-modal learning techniques to build strong and reliable vocabulary that can be used by both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

The project will capture eight main languages and make them available to “stakeholders” including elders, young people, students, allied health and education service providers. The digitised information will be stored securely in the cloud and made available to community groups with the approval of Elders.

We welcome your help on this very important project. To make contact and get more information please email or email for a copy of the detailed project plan.

Download a copy of the iCapisce Reconciliation Action Plan.

Indian Ocean Rim Strategy

The iCapisce Foundation is seeking partners in the delivery of western education services to the developing nations around the Indian Ocean rim.

The vision for the strategy came from Mr Tony George, Principal, The Kings School, Sydney, while he was Principal at St.Stephen's School in Duncraig, W.A. … why can't we serve our Indian Ocean neighbours with the education tools and content and help them escape the poverty cycle.

Preliminary work with organisations such as Transform Cambodia and Project Compassion serve to highlight that western education content is welcome in those countries to help people, young and old, develop skills that will serve them in a global economy.

We're looking to form ties with organisations that would like to build a cohesive service delivery plan.

I welcome initial contact at or