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Create and deploy topics rapidly - any subject, any age, any geography.

iCapisce is a pre-reading, group-learning and content-revision platform for the terms, phrases, formulas, equations, shapes, patterns and relationships that define any subject.

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iCapisce will

Deliver your intellectual property in an interactive, multi-modal learning platform.

Move complementary text book content on-line and reduce cycle time for edits and updates to less than 48 hours.

Give you access to global education markets.

Return 75% of every sale direct to your account.

At A Glance

"Your topic content - our flexible learning platform"

iCapisce follows the time honoured learn-practice-play-rest-test pedagogy plus 120 years of best-practice, education research.

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Create topics using your intellectual property for specific subjects and stages of development. Make them available in the Topic Exchange individually, or as part of a topic pack.
Share topics securely inside organisations or publicly with appropriate geographic and political controls.
Present content in short bitesize topics and enable students to build knowledge and comprehension before progressing to higher order learning.
Keep content pertinent and relevant to images, sounds and actions and use all the brains access paths to store and retrieve information.
Introduce time, simplification and reflex challenges with visual and sporting games
Testing measures student comprehension and should shape future topics.
Celebrations enable students to monitor personal change over time and reach a finishing point.
Reporting lets you see who's using your topic and any improvements that could be incorporated.

What is iCapisce?

iCapisce is a pre-reading, group-learning and content-revision platform for the terms, phrases, formulas, equations, shapes, patterns and relationships that define any subject.

iCapisce builds strong storage memory and fast retrieval memory through repetitive use of topics in a learn - practice - play - test education platform.

iCapisce can be used by schools, colleges, universities, corporates, professionals, clubs and even the elderly to teach, train and refresh memory in a fast, fun, secure learning community.


FAQ's for Authors

iCapisce is an interactive learning platform for your intellectual property.

iCapisce uses multi-modal learning techniques, inside a Learn-Practice-Play-Test paradigm, to deliver the factual content that is typically found in textbooks.

iCapisce is designed to build both strong storage memory and fast retrieval memory as an adjunct to class participation learning.

iCapisce has no geo-political boundaries or artificial distribution models that you would typically find in the book publishing world.

Primarily, to reach a larger market.

Secondly, faster to market.

  • it takes 1-2 hours to create a good topic
  • 24-48 hours for that topic to be approved and listed
  • all approved topics are then immediately available to the market segments you nominate

Thirdly, 75% margin for all topics sold.

Fourth, search engine tag management for your topics.

Topics are created in the iCapisce authoring module.

Your first topic will take 1-2 hours to familiarise yourself with our approach. Successive topics will take less and less time.

The art of creating a great topic is in the choice of imagery and supporting videos that build stronger neural pathways.

Yes. As secure as any modern, fully maintained, cloud-based application can be.

You choose who can see your topics and those consumers are bound by contractual terms to respect and observe your copyright.

iCapisce is a perfectly competitive market. There is no preferential treatment or way to skew topic usage other than through product quality and search-tag management.

The best topics will be awarded five stars by both editors AND consumers. Those topics can be sorted to the top of a search list and may therefore command a higher price.

Ultimately it's up to you to choose a high-value-low-volume revenue model or a high-volume-low-value revenue model.

Candidly, in a generic subject space we recommend you take a high-volume-low-value approach to pricing. Conversely, in a highly specialised area such as ‘metal deterioration due to cosmic radiation on Mars rovers’ might attract a much higher price. We suggest you give serious consideration to the size of the audience and how much they would be willing to pay.

The online world has more levers to differentiate product than traditional textbook formats.

While it is true you are no longer bound by geography or preferential publishing deals, you now have greater scope for artistic creativity, personalisation and audience targeting.

Just as you would write a textbook for a specific subject, age, stage of development, language, vocabulary, style and price point … you would also write topics with the same strategic intent.

In a multi-media world, the real point of differentiation will come from artwork, style, explanatory videos and the true art of teaching - the ability to make the complex, simple.

The internet offers dozens of free, public domain repositories for images, sound and video files.

Sites such as Wikimedia Commons currently boast 43,616,789 freely usable media files.

We have a running list of common sites in our Topic Creation tabs.

Yes. In every topic.

That's a private matter between you, your accountant and the tax-man, but we'll pay you 75% of all topics sold. After payment processing charges, that leaves about 2-3% for us to cover our costs.

Each topic has a distribution tab where you can monitor usage patterns.

  • How many people have reviewed my topic.
  • How many people have bought my topic.
  • How many people have completed my topic.
  • Consumer comments.
  • Star ratings by both editors and consumers.

All useful stats to help you refine your content.

Authors with PayPal accounts will be paid when the topic is purchased.

Authors who nominate bank accounts can be paid weekly, monthly or quarterly by direct deposit.

iCapisce Licensing

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