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Higher grades, happier staff, better outcomes.

iCapisce is a pre-reading, group-learning and content-revision platform for the terms, phrases, formulas, equations, shapes, patterns and relationships that define any subject.

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iCapisce will

Significantly reduce the time to learn any subject.

Build student confidence as they engage in high-order learning activities.

Build staff confidence as students learn more effectively and get better results.

At A Glance

"Your topic content - our flexible learning platform"

iCapisce follows the time honoured learn-practice-play-rest-test pedagogy plus 120 years of best-practice, education research.

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Your staff and contractors can create topics using one of several learning streams - terms, phrases, formulas, equations, mental-maths, shapes, sequences and even stories.
Topics can be retained securely inside your organisation or shared publicly via the Topic Exchange. Public topics pass through an editorial review before public release.
Students can access those topics via lesson plans, lecture notes, web-page links or have them allocated to their personal topic library and be reminded of due dates.
Students can build strong storage memory and fast retrieval memory using a range of graded practice modules. The tougher the module, the stronger the memory.
Students can play and have little fun while making sense of topic content in a range of time-challenging games.
Students can monitor their performance against their own history or optional benchmarks set by you.
Students can celebrate personal performance improvements.
Faculty members can report on staff, class and student performance in real time against any population set.

What is iCapisce?

iCapisce is a pre-reading, group-learning and content-revision platform for the terms, phrases, formulas, equations, shapes, patterns and relationships that define any subject.

iCapisce builds strong storage memory and fast retrieval memory through repetitive use of topics in a learn - practice - play - test education platform.

iCapisce can be used by schools, colleges, universities, corporates, professionals, clubs and even the elderly to teach, train and refresh memory in a fast, fun, secure learning community.



iCapisce is a learning platform for the terms and concepts that make up any subject for any age.

iCapisce can be used for pre-reading, personal-learning, group-learning and content-revision.

iCapisce currently teaches terms, phrases, formulas, equations, shapes, patterns and sequences. The next release will see spelling and storyboard streams added.

iCapisce builds strong storage memory and fast retrieval memory through repetitive use of short topics in a learn-practice-play-test platform.

iCapisce uses three modalities - sight, sound and touch - to engage more of the brain in the learning process. Short, bite-size content is presented in a variety of screen formats with successively difficult challenges. The tougher the challenge, the stronger the usable memory.

You can create topics and share them with your children/students. You can supplement their class activities or make their homework fun and more effective and efficient. If students spend 5-10 minutes per topic, spaced out over several days, then their knowledge and comprehension will increase significantly. (see our DNA Page)

iCapisce can even be used by home schoolers to make learning fun, fast and effective.

iCapisce offers more efficient learning. That equates to higher grades, more successful students, happier teachers, fewer failures and fewer parental complaints.

Used as a pre-reading tool, students will progress through the information acquisition phase faster and into the group discussion, debate and problem solving with greater confidence.

Used in groups, as a discussion and comprehension tool, then iCapisce will focus students on the essential elements and help assimilate that information faster for real-world use.

Used as a pre-exam revision tool, then iCapisce will ensure the quality of the information being revised is high and remove the potential for students to memorise poor quality personal notes.

Teachers, lecturers, tutors, professional authors, contractors, subject-matter-experts, and even past students.

If the topics are created by your staff, for their students, then topic quality is the function of the author.

If the topics are created by third party authors, then iCapisce has topic editors (subject matter experts) that approve topics before they enter the Topic Exchange.

Editors give topics qualitative feedback and a quantitative rating out of 5 stars.

Students can also rate topics, independently of editors, on a range of qualitative elements.

Yes, but …

iCapisce stores minimal personal information and has a strict privacy policy that limits visibility only to authorised people such as teachers, lecturers and tutors. No-one else can see personal data (first, last, email, school, class) unless they give it out on other social media products.

iCapisce takes online security seriously. Our cloud servers are maintained in a secure data centre and they're patched as updates become available from the various software vendors.

With regular stories in the general press, common sense dictates that internet security is not perfect and every user should minimise their online footprint.

Sharing is a one step process. Students can't on-share topics across classes, schools or systems

Topic sharing is typically initiated by a teacher or teacher's aid or a tutor for a specific class. Topics can also be shared by students within study groups.

Topic sharing follows the distribution constraints selected by the author at the time of creation. Eg. geographic, political, organisational or system constraints are observed and used to limit the reach of the topic.

School systems such as the Catholic Education Office have the ability to share topics with all students in a particular year across all schools in their system.

iCapisce has both legal and best-practice controls around managing intellectual property.

By default we assume topics created by a person engaged in your school are the property of your school, unless there is an alternative agreement.

All authors are reminded to annotate third party material quoted in topics when they create and post their topic.

Users of the system accept responsibility for any breaches of copyright at the time of registration AND at the moment of posting a topic to the Topic Exchange.

The intellectual property of your school can also be protected by limiting the potential distribution of any topic to your organisation. Other users of the system won't even know your school's topics exist.

There isn't one as far as we know or believe.

We provide the most effective learning platform with security, privacy and flexibility. We'll keep enhancing that platform and your staff can keep adding content.

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