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Tailored, self-paced learning.

iCapisce is a pre-reading, group-learning and content-revision platform for the terms, phrases, formulas, equations, shapes, patterns and relationships that define any subject.

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iCapisce will

Facilitate accurate repetitive learning.

Make it easier and more engaging to learn any subject.

Stimulate strong storage memory and fast, reliable retrieval memory when used in group or personal learning sessions.

At A Glance

"Your topic content - our flexible learning platform"

iCapisce follows the time honoured learn-practice-play-rest-test pedagogy plus 120 years of best-practice, education research.

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Create topics to suit the aptitude of your students.
Share topics securely inside your organisation or publicly with appropriate geographic and political controls.
Students can learn content in a range of display formats to suit their preference.
Students can practice topics over and over again using a range of graded challenges.
Play introduces a little fun and a little time pressure into the memory building process.
Testing measures student comprehension and should shape future topics.
Celebrations enable students to monitor personal change over time and reach a satisfactory finishing point.
Reporting lets you see who's using the topics and whether they're using reasoned or random matches.

What is iCapisce?

iCapisce is a pre-reading, group-learning and content-revision platform for the terms, phrases, formulas, equations, shapes, patterns and relationships that define any subject.

iCapisce builds strong storage memory and fast retrieval memory through repetitive use of topics in a learn - practice - play - test education platform.

iCapisce can be used by schools, colleges, universities, corporates, professionals, clubs and even the elderly to teach, train and refresh memory in a fast, fun, secure learning community.



Special Needs Teachers associated with WAESPAA in Western Australia had a strong role in shaping versions 2 and 3 of iCapisce. One of our earliest advisors was a gifted Special Needs Principal who helped shape our understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with Special Needs students and helped structure modules, forms and personal desktops accordingly.

At its simplest, iCapisce is a repetitive learning platform that engages eyes, hands and ears in the learning process.

The Learn-Practice-Test pedagogy can be adapted for different levels of capability.

Topics are created by you for the interests and developmental stage of each student. Alternatively, you can draw from the pool of general knowledge topics and add them to each students library.

Students can repeat topics as often as they want with no chance of wearing them out.

Topic types, as we call them, currently follow four basic forms:

  1. Terms (words) with sound, images, definitions, application and video
  2. Phrases for language, formulas and compounds
  3. Mental maths for times tables, squares, cubes and other indices
  4. Images, patterns and sequences

We'll soon be adding storyboards to the mix of topic types. You select the topic type at the point of topic creation.

Students can access topics through their own topic library OR through a personal desktop with big customisable buttons. Buttons can have words, colours and or pictures of familiar objects.

The annual cost of iCapsce is currently $2/person per year.

No. If you do choose to buy topics from the topic exchange, there are no automatic payments options. Each transaction must be approved by a parent or carer.

Yes. Of course, either through iCapisce or via the optional links to social network platforms.


Yes, but …

iCapisce stores minimal personal information and has a strict privacy policy that limits visibility to authorised people such as teachers, lecturers and tutors. No-one else can see personal data (first, last, email, school, class) unless they give it out on other social media products.

We take online security issues seriously. Our cloud servers are maintained in a secure data centre and they're patched as updates become available from the various software vendors.

Common sense dictates that internet security is not 100% perfect and every user should minimise personal information in the cyberspace.

For more information, please refer to the Teacher FAQs on the Teacher page.

iCapisce Licensing

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Learn Topics Public topics only Public and Private topics
Practice Topics Public topics only Public and Private topics
Play Topics Public topics only Public and Private topics
Test Topics Public topics only Public and Private topics
Celebrate cross Public and Private topics
Report cross by topic, person, class, state, organisation, system
Integrated white-label solutions Custom consulting charges apply
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