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Capture essential knowledge for re-use and focus on higher-order learning.

iCapisce is a pre-reading, group-learning and content-revision platform for the terms, phrases, formulas, equations, shapes, patterns and relationships that define any subject.

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iCapisce will

Significantly reduce the time to learn any subject.

Build student confidence as they engage in high-order learning activities.

Build strong storage memory and fast, reliable retrieval memory when used as a homework, personal learning or group learning tool.

At A Glance

"Your topic content - our flexible learning platform"

iCapisce follows the time honoured learn-practice-play-rest-test pedagogy plus 120 years of best-practice, education research.

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Create topics using different topic streams eg. terms, phrases, mental-maths, formulas, shapes, patterns, sequences and even stories.
Share topics ahead of class for pre-reading, for class in discovery mode, for individual coaching, or for pre-examination subject revision.
Students can learn using five different layouts to suit their learning style.
Students can practice with a range of graded challenges from easy tumblers with positive prompts through to the toughest brain-building brain-teasers.
Play using a range of visual and sporting metaphors under time pressure.
Testing gives individuals and teachers benchmarks for monitoring progress.
Celebrate - Students can monitor their improvement over time.
Reports give teachers immediate feedback on who's opened and completed their topics as well as how individuals or groups are performing against a population set.

What is iCapisce?

iCapisce is a pre-reading, group-learning and content-revision platform for the terms, phrases, formulas, equations, shapes, patterns and relationships that define any subject.

iCapisce builds strong storage memory and fast retrieval memory through repetitive use of topics in a learn - practice - play - test education platform.

iCapisce can be used by schools, colleges, universities, corporates, professionals, clubs and even the elderly to teach, train and refresh memory in a fast, fun, secure learning community.


FAQs for Teachers

iCapisce is a learning platform for the terms and concepts that make up any subject for any age.

iCapisce can be used for pre-reading, personal-learning, group-learning and content-revision.

iCapisce currently teaches terms, phrases, formulas, equations, shapes, patterns and relationships. The next release will see spelling and storyboard streams added.

iCapisce builds strong storage memory and fast retrieval memory through repetitive use of short topics in a learn-practice-play-test platform.

iCapisce uses three modalities - sight, sound and touch - to engage more of the brain in the learning process. Short, bite-size content is presented in a variety of formats with successively difficult challenges. The tougher the challenge, the stronger the usable memory.

Primarily you do. You use vocabulary and examples for the age and stage of development of your class.

Other teachers and curriculum specialists in affiliated schools can also create topics and make them available for class use.

Professional textbook authors and subject matter experts can write topics

Retired teachers, parents and even older students can also contribute to the topic pool.

iCapisce has a topic authoring module that is best accessed on laptops, desktops or 2-in-1s.

  • Select the topic type.
  • Fill in the topic name details
  • Start adding terms, phrases, equations, formulas, shapes, patterns etc
  • Answer the intellectual property question
  • Decide who can see it
  • and then put it into circulation.

Your first topic will take from 1-2 hours. After that, you'll turn them out much faster. Keep in mind it's a write once, use many times.

As a general rule, the organisation that employs you unless you have an alternative agreement.

Yes, you can reuse a topic every year of your career while ever you're a member of the organisation or system that employed you.

Yes. We started with the Australian curriculum standards and blended language and terminology suitable for all western teaching paradigms.

iCapisce also catalogues topics into the accepted phases of human development, being:

  • Early childhood
  • Childhood
  • Early adolescence
  • Adolescence
  • Tertiary
  • Community Education
  • Professional Education

If a topic is created by you and shared only with your students, then there are no editorial controls imposed . You're doing exactly what you've been entrusted to do and that is, teach your students.

However, if you share your topic with other teachers in your organisation or make it available publicly in the Topic Exchange, then it will go through an editorial process and be given an editor's star rating from 1-5 stars.

Once a topic is in circulation, it will also be subject to user feedback and a 1-5 star user-rating.

Topics are shared from the topic library via the "Share" menu. They are shared with classes, study groups or individuals.

Topics can be shared immediately or scheduled to appear on a future date in keeping with your teaching schedule.

Topic sharing is limited to the classes that you have responsibility for.

Yes, but...

iCapisce stores minimal personal information and has a strict privacy policy that limits visibility only to authorised people such as teachers, lecturers and tutors. No-one else can see personal data (first, last, email, school, class) unless they give it out on other social media products.

We take online security issues seriously. Our cloud servers are maintained in a secure data centre and they're patched as updates become available from the various software vendors.

Common sense dictates that internet security is not 100% perfect and every user should minimise their online footprint.

iCapisce has strict rules around capturing and sharing protected information.

We actively encourage topic-creators to use their own intellectual property or draw on the vast digital libraries of public content accessible through Creative Commons, Wikimedia Commons, Dreamstime, Smithsonian Institute and similar entities.

Where protected material is included in a topic, then it must be annotated and flagged for purposes of personal study. It must not be distributed to a wider audience without the author's permission.

The legal agreement that you enter into when registering with iCapisce puts the onus of declaration on you. Any liability for breach of copyright is assumed by you when you submit a topic to the Topic Exchange.

We think of iCapisce as a "global community project" to help raise the education baseline for everyone. It is not our intention to make super profits. It is our intention to deliver a reliable platform, with high quality content and make it available to everyone on the planet that has access to a screen.

We need to cover costs. iCapisce goes to market at $2/user per year. As we grow, we may need to draw on Amazon for more expensive cloud services, and we may need to increase that amount to $2/month … but who knows, Jeff Bezos may see the bigger cause and help us keep our costs down.

iCapisce Licensing

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